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Feature: Payment Title


  • Define and manage named benefits received by employees in their monthly salary.
  • Categorize benefits as additions, allowances, or awards/deductions.
  • Control which benefits are displayed in the payment calculation form.
Key Points:
  • Each Payment Title has a description and is categorized by payment type (addition, allowance, award/deduction).
  • Inactive titles can be hidden.
  • Additions and Allowances are recurring, while Awards/Deductions can be set for specific periods.
  • Connecting Payment Titles to Payroll Rules is required for them to appear in payment calculations.
  1. Accessing Payment Titles:
  • Go to Left Menu Panel > Master (scroll down) > Click “ Payment Title.”
  1. Creating Payment Titles:

2.1 Addition:

  • Click “ Add New.”
  • Enter a descriptive name in “ Description.”
  • Choose “ Addition” in “ Payment Method.”
  • Select “ Payment” or “ Deduction” based on the effect on salary.
  • Click “ Save.”

2.2 Allowance:

  • Follow steps 1-3 for Addition, choosing “ Allowance” in “ Payment Method.”

2.3 Award & Deduction:

  • Follow steps 1-3 for Addition, choosing “ Award and Deduction” in “ Payment Method.”
  • Set the period for the award or deduction (monthly, every 2-3 months).
  1. Connecting to Payroll Rules:
  • A new column appears under “ Addition” and “ Deduction” in Payroll Management.
  • Create a Payroll Rule with the name of the built-in Payment Rule.
  • Select the rule and choose “ Formula” then “ Check Error” and “ Update.”
  • A new column appears in “ Payment Definition” under Payroll Management.
  • Contact the Global TA & HR Rule Team to set up the pay policy.
Award & Deduction:
  • A new Payment Title appears under “ Award and Deduction” in Payroll Management.
  • Connect the rule and policy for calculation in payment calculations.
  • Inactive titles can be hidden by checking the box under “ Inactive Payment Title.”
  • Contact the Rule Team if you need to use Allowance or Award & Deduction.
  • Remember that Payment Titles alone don’t affect payroll calculations; they need to be connected to Payroll Rules.



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