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Feature: Claim


  • Claim: Request reimbursement for work-related expenses.
  • Leave from OT: Claim replacement leave days for overtime worked.
Key Points:
  • Customizable Claim Names: Define different claim categories (e.g., travel, transport, mobile) and manage them by user role.
  • User Permissions: Control which users can submit claims and approve them through User Level settings.
  • Mobile App Submission: Employees easily submit claims with photos and descriptions through the mobile app.
  • Leave from OT: Claim replacement leave for overtime days worked on holidays.
  • Approvals and Reports: Managers review and approve claims on mobile or web, and access detailed reports.
  1. Setting Up Claims (for HR/System Admin):

Claim Names:

  • Open Global TA Cloud Web URL.
  • Go to Master Menu > Label Setup.
  • Click “ Add New” and define claim names and descriptions.
  • Set “ Label Type” to “ Claim.”
  • Click “ Save.”

User Permissions:

  • Go to User Level Management > User Level Control.
  • Find user levels (e.g., employee, supervisor, manager) and click Access Permission.
  • Grant appropriate Claim menu permissions (e.g., ClaimRequest, ClaimApprove, Claim Report) based on user level.
  • For “ Approver/Final Approver” settings, refer to
  1. Submitting Claims (Employee):
  • Open Global TA Cloud Mobile App.
  • Go to “More Settings” > Claim Request.
  • Click “ Add” and choose a claim category.
  • Select the claim date, value, and reason.
  • Attach photos (optional) and click “ Send.”
  1. Leave from OT Claims:
  • Follow the steps for submitting claims (above).
  • In the Overtime Request Form, check the “ Use as Substitute Leave” option for overtime worked on holidays.
  • If the option isn’t available, log out and log back in, or contact HR or Global TA Cloud Operator Service.
  1. Approving Claims (Manager):

Mobile App:

  • Go to “More Settings” > Claim Approve.
  • Check claim requests under the “ Pending” tab.
  • Click on a request, review details, and click “ Approve” or “ Reject.”
  • Web Browser:
  • Go to Claim Menu > Claim Approve.
  • Choose period, request type, label, and filtering options.
  • Click “ Preview” to see claims.
  • Click “ Approve,” “ Reject,” “ View Detail,” or “ Delete” under the Action column.
  1. Claim Reports (for HR/Manager):
  • Open Global TA Cloud Web URL.
  • Go to Claim Menu > Claim Report.
  • Choose period, request type, label, and filtering options.
  • Select a custom template or choose “ Choosing Columns” to customize the report.
  • Click “ Preview” to see the report.
  • For Leave from OT balance details, click “ Balance Detail View” in Claim Report.
  • To set claim expiry days, go to System > System Setting > Application Option > General > Claim Restricted Days.
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