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Feature: Device Mapping


  • This guide explains how to connect fingerprint and Bluetooth devices to employees in Global TA Cloud, enabling them to use these devices for attendance recording and access control.
Key Points:
  • Device mapping links specific devices to individual employees.
  • You can choose from various file types (Bluetooth, Fingerprint, etc.).
  • Filter employees for efficient mapping.
  • Additional options allow viewing existing device mappings and clearing device data.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Accessing Device Mapping:
    • Open the Global TA Cloud web URL in your browser.
    • In the left menu panel, go to System and select Device Mapping.
  2. Mapping Devices:
    • Choose the device type from the File Type option.
    • Click Filter By Employee to select specific employees.
    • Check the boxes next to the desired employees.
    • Click Select.
    • Click Save to complete the mapping.
  3. Additional Options:
    • Show Only Device’s Employee: View employees already mapped to the selected device by choosing its file type.
    • Include Clear Command: When mapping, this option erases old data on the device and sets it for the chosen employee.
  4. Important Notes:
    • Device Configuration: Contact the Global TA & HR Cloud Operator Team or Service Team to initially set up the device configuration and provide the device serial number.
    • Internet Connection: Ensure the device has internet access and the ADMS (Automatic Data Master Server) function is enabled.
  • Proper device mapping is crucial for accurate attendance recording and access control using fingerprint and Bluetooth devices.
  • Always consult with the Global TA & HR Cloud service team for initial device setup and assistance.


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