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Feature: Attendance Process


    • Manages check-in/out times from various devices and sources
    • Displays attendance data in a clear format
    • Calculates attendance, overtime, and leave
    • Applies attendance rules
    • Generates reports
    • Integrates with payroll
  • Integration with Devices and Data Sources:
    • Mobile App
    • Fingerprint Device
    • Bluetooth Device
    • Manually entered data
    • Approved attendance requests
Accessing the Attendance Process Menu:
  1. Click the Time Attendance tab in the left menu panel.
  2. Click Attendance Process.
Key Functionalities:
Manual Attendance Form
  • Purpose:
    • Default view for attendance data
    • Displays In/Out times, leaves, overtime, and attendance rules
    • Allows for manual editing of attendance
Attendance Editor
  • Purpose:
    • Provides advanced editing options for attendance data
    • Deletes/hides/adds press times
    • Views attendance by shift or day
    • Generates attendance based on custom times or assigned shifts
    • Imports attendance data from Excel
Add Press Time
  • Purpose:
    • Adds or generates press times (In/Out times)
    • Generates press times based on custom times or assigned shifts
    • Imports press times from Excel
Attendance Calculation
  • Purpose:
    • Calculates attendance-related data (In/Out times, leaves, overtime, etc.)
    • Must be performed before generating reports or for payroll
“Import Excel”
  • Purpose:
    • Imports attendance data in bulk from Excel
    • Separate templates for press times and leave data
Attendance Rule
  • Purpose:
    • Displays calculated attendance values (hours/minutes/days)
    • Applies attendance rules and calculations


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