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Feature: Duty Roster


  • Assign work shifts to employees based on their specific duties and tasks.
  • Plan and organize workforce schedules effectively.


  • Shifts must be pre-defined in the Shift Policy module.

Key Points:

  • Assign shifts to employees individually or in bulk.
  • View and manage duty rosters by date, employee, or shift.
  • Export duty rosters to Excel for reporting or analysis.
  • Import duty rosters from Excel for quick and easy scheduling.
  • Filter and search duty rosters by various criteria.
How to Use Duty Roster:
  1. Access the Duty Roster:
    • Go to the Time Attendance module.
    • Click on Duty Roster.
  2. Choose a Period:
    • Select the time period for which you want to view or assign duty rosters (e.g., Today, This Week, This Month, Custom).
  3. Select Employees:
    • Choose the employees you want to include in the duty roster using the Organization Tree or Filter by Employee options.
  4. Preview Duty Roster:
    • Click the Preview button to view the current duty roster for the selected employees and period.
  5. Assign Duty Roster:
    • Method 1: Show Assign Buttons:
      • Check the Show Assign Buttons checkbox.
      • Select a shift and leave type for each date.
      • Click on the Shift Short Code Name box under the date to assign the duty.
      • Click Publish to confirm the assignments.
    • Method 2: Pop-Up Window Box:
      • Click on the Shift Short Code Name box under the date you want to change.
      • Select a shift and leave type in the pop-up window.
      • Choose an assignment frequency (e.g., Doesn’t Repeat, Daily, Workdays).
      • Click Update.
      • Click Publish to confirm the assignments.
    • Method 3: Excel Import:
      • Click the “Download Template” icon to download the Excel template.
      • Fill in the template with shift short codes, leave short codes, and employee names.
      • Click the “Import Excel” icon.
      • Select the filled template file.
      • Click Validate Data.
      • Click Import Data.
  6. Additional Options:
    • Reset: Revert to the previous duty roster.
    • Copy this assigned data: Duplicate assignments for other dates or employees.
    • Cancel this assigned data: Remove assignments.
    • Apply this row data to all employees: Apply assignments horizontally for all employees.
    • Apply this column data to all employees: Apply assignments vertically for all employees.
    • View Roster Transaction: View the history of changes to the duty roster.
  7. Export Duty Roster:
    • Click the “Export Excel” icon to create an Excel report of the duty roster.
    • Check the Show Shift Duty In/Out checkbox to include shift timings in the report.
Benefits of Using Duty Roster:
  • Improved workforce planning and scheduling
  • Enhanced communication and coordination
  • Reduced confusion and errors
  • Facilitated time-off requests
  • Increased compliance with labor laws and company policies



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