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Feature: Contract Employee List


  • Separates contract employees (those working for a limited period) from permanent employees within the system.
  • Stores essential contract details for efficient management.
Key Points:
  • Add New Contract Employee:
    • Enter contract details (date, start/end dates, compensation, status, number, shift, remarks).
    • Add employers or witnesses if required.
  • “Import Excel” Data:
    • Manage multiple contracts using a template.
    • “Download template”, fill in mandatory fields (red headers), and import.
    • Validate data before importing.
  • Find Contract Employee List:
    • Filter by period, employee, contract type, and other criteria.
    • Preview and export data to Excel.
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a New Contract Employee:
Add New Contract Employee:
  1. Access the Contract Employee List:
  • From the left menu panel, navigate to “ Human Resource.”
  • Select “ Contract Employee List.”
  1. Add New Contract Employee (Manual Entry):
  • Click “ Add New.”
  • Click the “ Find” icon to select the employee.
  • Fill in contract details:
  • Contract Date
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Compensation Amount
  • Contract Status (create first if needed)
  • Contract Number
  • Contract Shift
  • Remark (optional)
  • If applicable, check “ Use Employers or Witness” and add those details.
  • Click “ Save.”
  1. Import Contract Employees (Excel Template):
  • Click “ Download Template” .
  • Open the template and fill in mandatory fields (red headers).
  • Click “ Import Excel” .
  • Browse and select the completed Excel file.
  • Click “ Validate” to check for errors.
  • If valid, click “ Import.”
  1. Find Contract Employee List:
  • Select a period in the “ Period” box.
  • Choose employees by organization structure or filter by employee.
  • Apply additional filters as needed (e.g., contract type).
  • Click “ Preview” to view results.
  • Click “ Export Excel” to download data.
  1. Create Contract Status Options (if needed):
  • Click the setup icon.
  • Write the contract status name.
  • Click “ Save.”
Key Points:
  • Ensure all mandatory fields are filled in the template before importing.
  • Use the “ Use Employers or Witness” option based on contractual needs.
  • Always validate data to catch errors before importing.
  • Utilize filters to refine search results.
Additional Information:
  • Contract status options must be created before use.
  • The “ Contract Shift” field specifies the assigned shift during the contract period.
  • The “ Remark” field allows for additional notes or comments.



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