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Feature: Dashboard


  • To provide a visual overview of important Attendance/HR/Payroll data in a customizable and user-friendly format
  • To enable users to personalize their Dashboard experience for efficient information access
Key Points:
  • Dashboard is the first page users see after logging in
  • Gadgets display data graphically for easy interpretation
  • Dashboard can be customized with multiple pages, layouts, and gadgets
  • Data can be filtered by organizational structure and date range
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Accessing the Dashboard:
  • Log in to the Global TA Cloud web software
  • Select “ Dashboard” in the left menu panel
Dashboard Configuration:
  • Adding Dashboard Pages:
  • Click the “ Configuration icon”
  • Enter a name for the new page
  • Click “ ADD”
Changing View Layout:
  • Click the “ Layout icon”
  • Choose a layout from the options
Organizational Structure:
  • Click the “ Organization Structure” icon
  • Select the desired department or company
  • Click “ Refresh” icon
Using and Removing Gadgets:
Adding Gadgets:
  • Click “ + Add Gadget icon” or “ Add Gadget”
  • Select a gadget and click “ Add”
Removing Gadgets:
  • Click the “ Delete icon” in the top right corner of the gadget
Available Gadgets:
Summary: (View overall summaries and trends)
  • Monthly Requests Summary
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Daily Attendance Summary
  • Attendance Employee Counts by Graph
  • Labor Cost by Company
  • Employee Age Report
  • Total Labor Cost per Company
  • Labor Cost per Headcount
My Attendance: (View personal attendance information)
  • My Daily Attendance
  • My Monthly Attendance
  • My Leave History
Team: (View team-related information)
  • My Team
  • Leave Requested by Teammates
  • Tasks Status Count
  • Manpower List
News: (View announcements and updates)
  • Teammates’ Birthdays
  • Upcoming Holidays
  • Monthly Announcements
  • Permanent Employee List
Specifying Dashboard Date:
  • Click “ Date” to select a specific date range for data display
Additional Information:
  • Watch the sample video for a visual demonstration: [Dashboard Setup Link]
  • Experiment with different layouts and gadgets to find the most informative and useful setup for your needs
  • Regularly review and update your Dashboard configuration to ensure it aligns with your current priorities


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