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Feature: Announcement


  • Share important company information, policies, news, and events with employees in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Increase employee engagement and awareness of key organizational updates.
  • Provide a centralized platform for storing and accessing announcements.
Key Points:
  • Create Posts:
    • Add announcement titles and reference numbers.
    • Compose detailed messages with rich text formatting and image insertion.
    • Attach PDF files for additional information.
    • Select target audience by department, designation, employee, location, etc.
    • Decide on public visibility (publish immediately or schedule for later).
  • Manage Posts:
    • Edit announcement content and settings.
    • Delete unwanted posts.
    • Track post performance with viewership reports for seen and unseen employees.
  • Employee Access:
    • View announcements on the Global TA Cloud web and mobile app dashboards.
    • Filter announcements by category and date.
    • Mark announcements as seen or unread.
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Announcement:
  1. Create Post:
    • Click the + Add New icon.
    • Enter a title and reference number.
    • Craft your announcement message with text formatting and (optional) image.
    • Attach a relevant PDF file if needed.
    • Choose your target audience using various department, employee, or location filters.
    • Decide whether to publish the announcement immediately or schedule it for later.
  2. Manage Posts:
    • You can edit content, visibility settings, and audience targeting after creation.
    • Delete unwanted announcements.
    • View reports on how many employees have seen or unread the announcement.
  3. Employee Access:
    • Employees can see announcements on their Global TA Cloud dashboards (web and mobile).
    • Filter announcements by category and date for easy navigation.
    • Mark announcements as seen or unread for personal organization.
Additional Tips:
  • Use clear and concise language in your announcements.
  • Highlight important information with bold text or bullet points.
  • By utilizing the Announcement module effectively, you can keep your employees informed, engaged, and aligned with organizational goals.


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