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GlobalTA&HR Web Version History

May-24-2024 Live Web Update

News List

Time Attendance

Profile Approve

  • Added the Education History Tab for Approve or Decline by Approver.


System Setting/Setup

  • Added the new option “Two Leave Type In One Day”.

Leave Status Report/Taken Report

  • In the Leave Status Report, the Excel file name was changed to “ Leave Taken report” when exporting Leave Taken.

Leave Status Report/Balance Report

  • Change from CarryExpireDate to CarryExpiredDate.

Tax Summary Report

  • Budget Year, Budget Start, and Budget End show-only fields will be added to the Tax Summary Report.

Jan-22-2024 Live Web Update


GPS Location

  • Added the new “Select Department” field when creating the GPS Location. It affects the GPS location’s name will be shown only for selected departments that can access each HR user. Purpose: Multi Companies of HR users

Human Resource


  • Added the “Today Birthday Employee” at Choose Audience.


  • Added the “Group Policy” at Choosing Columns.

Payroll Management

Addition & Deduction, Payment Definition, Payment Calculation

  • Added “Employee Custom Field” in the choosing column

Payment Calculation

  • Added the new “Select Group Policy Rule” at Choosing Columns.

System Setting

  • Added the new “field of Daily Tasks” at REQUIRE/OPTIONAL tab menu from Setup that must be the field as the required field or not.

Dec-13-2023 Live Web Update


  • Added the new two dashboards “Labor Cost By Company” and “Total Labor Cost Per Company”.


GPS Location

  • Added the new options “By Location” and “Use Division”. If use the “By Location”, the “Use Division” must be shown.

Group Policy

  • Added the new options that are “require”, “option” and “Not use” for the Attach file of OT policy.
  • Added the new option that is “Off Day Deduct and Off Leave Off” for the additional setup of Leave Policy.


Employee Setup

  • Added the new feature “Rejoin” that must be shown when the user selects the resigned employee.

Time Attendance

Duty Roster/ Leave Approve/ Attendance Process

  • Added the new feature “the two leaves type that can take in one day”.

Attendance Lock

  • Added the New dropdown field “Select Department”. (Included sub-department)

OT Approve

  • Added the New icon “Download” in Preview Form and the new button “AttachFile Download” in Detail Form.

Human Resource


  • Added the new Transfer Type “Default”, “Promotion” and “Demotion”. 

User level Management

User Level Control

  • Added the new column access menu list when exporting Excel.

System Setting

  • Added the new option “Allow OT Request on Leave Day” at Setup tab menu.
  • Added the new feature tab “REQUIRE/OPTIONAL” at Setup tab menu that must be the field as the required field from Employee Setup.


  • Added “ SrNo” , “ Grade” , “ Grade Order” and “ Label” at Attendance Detail, Attendance Summary, Attendance log, Attendance status Report, OT Status Report.

People Directory 

  • Added the new two check box named New Employee Only and Resign Employee Only.
  • Added the “Select All” check box. 

Resign Employee 

  • Added Service Year column.
  • Added Remark column.

Daily Task 

Task Assign

  • Added the new Task ID that is auto-generated from the system.

Task Report

  • Added the new filters “ task assign time” and “task close date & time”.

Nov-16-2023 Live Web Update

News List
  • Added Part Time Type, Reliving Type, Probation Type.
  • Added Travel Request for half day
  • Added an option to allow attendance request when user check in out of predefined zone (Web + Mobile)
  • Added Self-Appraisal Option at Assignment setup form.
  • Added Government Public Holiday Function at Public Holiday.
  • Added New Cluster Setup box at Company Profile.
  • Added New Cluster Column.
  • Added New Cluster at Organization Tree View.
  • Added New Generate QR Code function at Company Profile.
  • Added New Generate Enroll Number and Employee Code list at Company Profile.
  • Added New External Employee tab at Profile Approve.
  • Added Employee Custom Field in choosing column for Addition & Deduction Form, Payment Definition Form, Payment Calculation Form
  • Added Show on Dashboard Checkbox in Payment Rule

Oct-12-2023 Live Web Update

News List
  • Added Probation Alert
  • Change dotnet version 2.0 to 6.0

-transfer scheduler
-daily reminder
-daily scheduler
-delegate scheduler
-email service

Aug-24-2023 Live Web Update

News List
  • User Level Control (flow change)

-remove – employee list permission and add access user level list to manage user level
-Modify Excel Export

  • User Employee Access (flow change)

-add new menu to manage user employee list by given access user level

  • Salary Adjustment From

-Change Design for Salary Adjustment Filtering
-Add Payroll Date and Effective Date Filter
-Add Amount Title Filter
-Show Only Adjustment Record
-check MinBasicSalary
-Salary Adjustment Date Range filter

  • Leave Status Report Form

-Save Choosing Column to Report Column

  • Monthly Payment Report Form

-Added department order, main department, grade order, upper grade columns

  • Leave Status Report Form

-Added department order, main department, grade order, upper grade columns

  • Added row total count while validating import excel where Addition And Deduction, Payment Definition, Salary Adjustment, Payment Calculation, Award and Deduction, Task Location Setup, Finish Job Code, and Leave Approve Form.
  • Add Use Minimum Basic Salary in Application Option
  • Leave Request Attach file – up to 5


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