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Live Update ( 24/08/2023 )

  1. User Level Control (flow change)
    -remove – employee list permission and add access user level list to manage user level
    -Modify Excel Export
  2. User Employee Access(flow change)
    -Added new menu to manage user employee list by given access user level
    -Want to divide the color of inactive department inEmployee List.
  3. Salary Adjustment From
    -Change Design for Salary Adjustment Filtering
    -Add PayrollDate and EffectiveDate Filter
    -Add Amount Titel Filter
    -Show Only Adjustment Record
    -check MinBasicSalary
    -Salary Adjustment Date Range filter
  4. Added LeaveType Count new option for Maximum continuous day restriction inadditional setup of Leave Policy.
  5. Added the New Alert Message will be shown that need to request the Unpaid Leave and the day will define the Absent day if Casual Leave can’t be requested over than the restriction days.
  6. Save Choosing Column to Report Column – Leave Status Report Form
  7. Added the department order, main department, grade order, upper grade columns inMonthly Payment Report Form.
  8. Added the department order, main department, grade order, upper grade columns inLeaveStatusReport Form.
  9. Added the row total count after validation for import excel of Addition And Deduction,Payment Definition,Salary Adjustment,Payment Calculation, Award and Deduction, Task Location Setup,Finish Job Code by Employee,leaveApprove Form.
  10. Added the new 2 columns, they are Remark and Comment in choosing Column and Excel Export that are where Remark from Lock and Comment from Add comment icon inPayment Calculation Form.
  11. To see full name when pointer points on the column in payment calculation form.
  12. Remove Require field of Remark in Send to Mobile – Payment Calculation Form
  13. Payment Calculation Form -Slice text and show popup for long text in grid
  14. Excel report also require for checking easily “Success and Fail” status if pay slips are released much at one time.
  15. Email Pay Slip > Status > Success or Fail is enough. Details message should display like “1 Email Pay Slip sent successfully, and 1 Email Pay Slip failed” instead of only Successfully message after pressed “Send” button.
  16. Added Send Date & Date Time inEmail Pay Slip Form.
  17. Added the new changes for Quarterly tax report. For Individual Income tax report, hanged Budget Year – April to March. Added the New export options, they are Export PDF to excel and Export export individual tax PDF to excel.
  18. Added Use Minimum BasicSalary in Application Option
  19. Added the WarningStatus and Warning Level criteria filter inWarning Report.
  20. Added Department and Designation columns in Excel Export inAward & Deduction Form.
  21. Added up to 5 can attached Files.
  22. Added import and export excel function inContract Form.
  23. Added Local,Expact in Contract Type inContract Form.
  24. Added the new option that is Paging Size can be ajusted in Application Option inSystem Setting Form.
  25. Userlevel Flow Management(Filterby Employee,Org Tree,Attendance,OT,Leave Approve Form)
  26. Added to show rows count in Employee import validation of Employee Setup.
  27. Added to show rows count in Roster import validation of Duty Roster.
  28. Added to show the message box for blank row when roster import validation of Duty Roster.
  29. Added to check the NRC value of drop down doesn’t has in system when employee import validation.
  30. Added the transaction record when input the manual leave in Attendance process.
  31. Added the show message box for over than limit Comment in Attendance Process Form.
  32. Added the paging size will be shown in Master Setup’ Menus from the system setting > Application Option.
  33. Added the validation for “Depend” word when import excel for Employee Dependent.
  34. Added the custom field value when import excel in Employee Setup.
  35. Added the Designation names validation when update Designation Name even if the short codes have the Null value.
  36. Added the Working day option for Attendance/OT Request Restrictions.
  37. Added the Early Out Request in Attendance Request.
  38. Added the hour:min format.
  39. Added the new task assigned will be shown first in Grid data in Task Assign.
  40. Added the checking Date Range when attendance data importing with Excel in Attendance Process.
  41. Added the request will be active if the request date is having earlier than the resign date in OT/Attendance/Leave List.
  42. Fixed the filter issue that showed all after Update/ Delete/ Cancel when the filter was used in the Designation Form.
  43. Fixed the issue that didn’t show the staff who did not attach Employee policy or Shift policy in Filter by Employee Form.
  44. Fixed the issue that is grid paging insalary adjustment Form.
  45. Fixed the issue that is grid cell’s cache old data can edit inPayment Definition Form.
  46. Fixed the enroll number is always including in payment calculation form when export the report without selecting that column
  47. Fixed the issue that allows to be Zero in Use Max Continuous Leave Request Restriction inLeave Policy where Group Policy.
  48. Fixed the issue that is showing blank department from default after choosing column inTransfer Form.
  49. Fixed the issue that the leave days have been taken over than the restriction of Leave – Max Continuous Day.
  50. Fixed the issue that the required field showing for Old division, old location in Transfer Form.
  51. Fixed the issue that is query Issue for Saving, LoanAmount, AdvanceAmount in PaymentCalculation Form
  52. Fixed the issue that didn’t showing leave in attendance process and didn’t deduct the balance after generated leave in Generate Leave Form.
  53. Fixed the issue that is the taken leave day is showing 1 even if the taken leave is the half of day.
  54. Fixed the issue that is the filter all showing after delete/ update/ Cancel the filtering item.
  55. Fixed the issue that is the job code’s name duplicated when the space is including in Name.
  56. Fixed the issue for saving photo when Daily task saving with Multi Date Range.
  57. Fixed the issue for Approve from to Date and Time not included when exported excel in OT Status Report.
  58. Fixed the checking message for modification if the OT request is pending but there is also duplicate OT.
  59. Fixed the Permanent date hasn’t been changed after importing 3 months of the Probation Period in the Employee setup.
  60. Fixed the remark issue when approver did remark in OT/Attendance status report.
  61. Fixed the select company issue when choosing from treeview in People Directory.
  62. Fixed the issue that is the attendance detail report data does not drop in Grid when choosing the include resign by date range with dd/mm/yyyy date format.
  63. Fixed the Group name searching in Approver Assign.
  64. Fixed the department showing in the company when choosing a parent department instead of showing the entire department in the company in Department Setup.
  65. Fixed the hanging while saving 40 employees in Duty Roster.
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