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Feature: Warning Report


  • Records and tracks disciplinary information about employees for performance or behavior-related concerns.
  • Provides a centralized repository for warning history, aiding in decision-making and employee development.
Key Points:
  • Essential for documenting workplace issues and interventions.
  • Offers a structured approach to managing employee warnings.
  • Facilitates data-driven decisions for addressing performance or conduct concerns.
  1. Creating a New Warning Report:
  • Access: Left Menu Panel > Human Resource > Warning Report
  • Click “ Add New.”
  • Find Employee: Click the “ Find” icon and select the employee.
  • Fill in Warning Details:
  • Warning Date
  • Warning Status (create first if needed)
  • Warning Level (create first if needed)
  • Warning Description
  • Remark (optional)
  • Click “ Save.”
  1. Finding Existing Warning Reports:
  • Choose a Period in the “ Period” box.
  • Select Employee: Filter by employee or use the organization structure.
  • Click “ Preview” to view the filtered reports.
  • Apply Filters: Refine results by Warning Status and/or Warning Level.
  • Click “ Export Excel” to download data.
Additional Tips:
  • Ensure all necessary details are accurate and complete.
  • Use filters to efficiently locate specific reports.
  • Utilize warning reports to guide performance improvement plans or disciplinary actions.



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