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Feature: Shift Policy


  • Define and manage various work shifts within the organization.
  • Set rules and conditions for each shift, such as:
    • Start and end times
    • Break times
    • Overtime rules
    • Late arrival and early departure allowances
    • Half-day absence rules
Key Points:
  • Create and manage multiple shift policies.
  • Assign shifts to employees in the Duty Roster module.
  • Use shift policies in attendance calculations and reports.
  • Integrate with the Mobile App for employee check-ins and outs.
How to Use Shift Policy:
  1. Access the Shift Policy:
    • Go to the Master module.
    • Click on Shift Policy.
  2. Create a New Shift Policy:
    • Click the “ Add New” button.
    • Fill in the following details:
      • Description (name of the shift)
      • Short Code (unique identifier)
      • Work Code (optional code for external systems)
      • Shift Color (for visual distinction)
      • Allow in Mobile (enable for Mobile App use)
      • Inactive Shift (toggle to deactivate)
      • Use User TimeZone (for employees in different time zones)
      • Duty In (start time)
      • Duty Out (end time)
      • Earliest In Time (earliest allowed check-in)
      • Late Minutes (threshold for considering an employee late)
      • Half Absent (rules for half-day absences)
      • Current Shift As Default Shift (for imports)
      • Select Department (restrict usage to specific departments)
      • Leave Count (set leave entitlements for the shift)
  3. Set Shift Times:
    • Click the “ Shift Time” tab.
    • Define:
      • Late Start Time
      • Earliest Out Time
      • MOT Start Time (morning overtime start)
      • Last MOT Start Time (last time for morning overtime)
      • Evening OT Start Time
      • Evening OT End Time
  4. Add Break Times (optional):
    • Click the “ Break Time” tab.
    • Click “ Add Break Time.”
    • Fill in:
      • Description (name of the break)
      • Break Out (start time)
      • Break Out Gap/Min (duration)
      • Break In (end time)
      • Break In Gap/Min (gap between break and work resumption)
      • Exclude in Working Hour (toggle to exclude from working hours)
  5. Save the Shift Policy:
    • Click the “ Save” button.


  • Use descriptive names and short codes for easy identification.
  • Set appropriate overtime and late arrival rules based on company policies.
  • Consider break times and how they should be calculated in working hours.
  • Assign shifts to employees in the Duty Roster module to manage their schedules.




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