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Feature: Employee Resignation


  • Process employee departures within the system.
  • Record final working dates, resignation reasons, and statuses.
  • Maintain accurate workforce data and ensure proper offboarding procedures.
Key Points:
  • Record Resignation:
    • Specify last working date.
    • Select resignation status (create new statuses if needed).
    • Add optional comments for context.
  • Cancel Resignation:
    • Reverse resignation for employees who mistakenly resigned or are rejoining.
  • View Resigned Employees:
    • Filter to include all resigned employees, inactive employees, or those who resigned within a specific period.
    • Resigned employees are visually marked in red text.
Resigning an Employee:
  1. Navigate to Employee > Employee Resignation.
  2. Search for the employee by code, enroll number, or name.
  3. Select the employee.
  4. Tick the checkbox to confirm resignation.
  5. Enter the resignation date.
  6. Select the resignation status (create new if needed).
  7. Add optional comments.
  8. Click “ Resign” to finalize.
Cancelling a Resignation:
  1. Navigate to Employee > Employee Resignation.
  2. Click the Organization Structure icon.
  3. Click “ More Options.”
  4. Check “ Included All Resign” and click “ View.”
  5. Search for the resigned employee.
  6. Select the employee.
  7. Click the “ Cancel Resign” button.
Additional Notes:
  • Resigned employees are no longer visible in most workforce reports and forms.
  • Resigned employee data is retained for historical purposes.
  • System access for resigned employees is typically revoked.


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