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Feature: Employee Document


  • This guide explains how to store and manage employee documents within Global TA Cloud, allowing you to securely archive important information related to your workforce.
Key Points:
  • Global TA Cloud offers a dedicated section for storing employee documents.
  • You can upload various document types, including contracts, resumes, certificates, and ID cards.
  • Documents are stored securely in cloud storage (currently Google Drive).
  • Configure storage settings before using the employee document feature.
Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. Accessing Employee Documents:
    • Log in to Global TA Cloud web software.
    • Go to System in the left menu panel.
    • Click System Setting.
    • Ensure the Storage Setting is configured with the necessary information (currently Google Drive).
  2. Uploading Documents:
    • Go to Human Resource in the left menu panel.
    • Click Employee Document.
    • Click “Add New”
    • Use the Find icon to select the desired employee.
    • Enter the File Name and Description of the document.
    • Click Browse to locate the file on your computer.
    • Click Save to upload the document to cloud storage.
Additional Notes:
      • You can manage uploaded documents later by accessing the same menu and searching for the employee.
      • Remember to follow your organization’s data security practices for sensitive documents.




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