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Global TA&HR System can be used in both Cloud based version (Online) and Desktop version (Offline).

TA Only Package

with GWT Time Recorder Device

  1. Buy an Attendance Recorder from GWT and get free package that includes the following features.
    • People Directory
    • Attendance Management
    • Leave Management
    • Over Time Management
    • Device Management
    • System Management
    • Reports are
    • People Directory Report
    • Resignation Report
    • Attendance Detail Report
    • Attendance Summary Report
    • Attendance Log Reports
    • Leave Reports etc.

Payroll Package

Lakh 25
for 100 employee

  1. Include all TA Package’s features.
  2. Also, can perform
    • Payment Definition
    • Allowance & Deduction
    • Addition & Deduction
    • Salary Adjustment
    • Payment Calculation
    • Promotion/Demotion
    • Tax Calculation
    • SSB Calculation
    • Pay slip
    • Reports are
    • Monthly Payment Reports
    • Income Tax Reports
    • SSB Reports
    • Customized Reports
    • Customized Payslip

HR Package

Lakh 8
for 100 employee

  1. Not like using with Payroll Package. Can use HR Package privately.
  2. Included Features are related with HR Management’s Functions. They are as following:
    • Employment History
    • Education History
    • Employee Attachments
    • Additional Skills
    • License & Certificate
    • Employee Contract
    • Health & Situation
    • Employee Deposit
    • Employee Equipment
    • Warning
    • Employee Training
    • Bonus & Award
    • Employee Incident
    • Application Form
    • Exit Interview
    • Organization Chat & etc.

Cloud base version (Online) can be used by paying monthly fee. Also, users get Desktop version (Offline) with on premise price. Cloud based version and Desktop version of Global TA&HR System are based on one program and the use of UI/UX are also same. In Cloud based version, users can get the advantages of Mobile First Cloud based Application because of the use of Online Cloud Server. For the offline users, Desktop application will be installed in users’ computers and then users can use the advantages from this desktop applications.

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