Welcome to the Team Email

Welcome to the Team Email


An announcement email to your current team is a great way to make new hires feel welcome.


If there are multiple new hires starting in the same period (e.g. in the same day or week), consider sending one email to introduce them all.

This email is meant to encourage employees to introduce themselves. If you’re hiring remote employees, make sure to share their contact details (e.g. email, phone number, Slack name), so staff can reach out.

Keep your welcome aboard email short and include the following key information about each new hire:

  • Their name
  • Their role and team/department
  • Their starting date
  • A few key things about their background, hobbies, and interests

Welcome to the team sample email

Subject Line: Welcoming new team members

Hi team,

It’s always exciting to see our team grow, and our newest member(s) is starting [Start date, e.g. Next week or Next Monday].

[First employee’s full name] will join the [department/ team] as our new [Job title.] [Add information about what they’ll be doing / what they’ll be responsible for,] [He/She/They] has/have previously worked at [Add information about employment background] / [He/She/They] has/have recently graduated from [Add information about academic background.]

[Repeat for additional employees]

Please join me in welcoming our new team members and make sure to stop by their workspaces to introduce yourselves!

Best regards,

[Your name]