Application Acknowledgement Email Template

Application Acknowledgement Email Template


Use this email template to let job candidates know you received their application. It’s a small gesture that can help you win a ton of respect.


Candidates feel more confident in your company and themselves when you communicate quickly during every stage of the hiring process. (Don’t worry, automation can make this happen seamlessly and in a matter of seconds.)

This email template lets candidates know their application didn’t get lost in the shuffle, and that you are still actively engaged in the hiring process.

In your email be sure to:

  • Thank candidates for taking the time to apply
  • Drop a quick reminder of the role they applied for
  • Let them know the status of their application and next steps
  • Give a timeframe of when to expect hearing back from you

Sample email to acknowledgement application

Subject line: We received your application / Your application at [Company_name] is in!

Hi [Candidate_Name],

Thank you for completing the application for [Job_title] position at [Company_name].

Your [application/resume/portfolio] is in, and our hiring team is currently reviewing all applications. We plan to schedule interviews [mention timeframe.] If you are among qualified candidates, you will receive [e.g. a call/email] from one of our recruiters to schedule [list type of interview.] You will hear from us soon about the status of your application.

Thanks again for applying!

Best regards,

[Your name]