Termination for Cause

Termination for Cause


This customizable Termination Letter Template can be used in cases of termination of employment due to unacceptable behavior.


[Company letterhead]


[Employee Name and Address]

Subject: Termination of Employment

Dear [Employee Name],


I am writing to inform you that your employment with [Company name] is being terminated due to [state the specific reasons for termination, providing clear and factual explanation of the cause for termination].

We have carefully considered the issues at hand and have conducted a thorough investigation, including discussions and warnings given to address the concerns. Despite these efforts, it has become evident that your performance/behavior has not improved, and the negative impact on the company’s operations and work environment is unacceptable.

[Provide details of any previous warnings, performance improvement plans, or corrective actions taken. For example, “ As you are aware, you were previously counseled on [specific issues] on [dates], and you were given a written warning on [date] regarding [specific misconduct]. On [date], we implemented a performance improvement plan, but unfortunately, the desired improvements were not achieved.” ]

Based on [Company name]‘s policies and the employment agreement you signed, we have determined that termination of your employment is the appropriate course of action. Your last day of work will be [specific date, complying with any legally required notice period or contractual obligations].

[Include any instructions regarding return of company property, access to company systems, and any final paperwork required.]

We understand that this is a difficult situation, and we strongly encourage you to take this as an opportunity to evaluate your actions and make necessary improvements. We wish you success in your future endeavors.

Any outstanding compensation, including payment for accrued vacation days, will be processed according to [Company name]‘s standard procedures and will be provided to you in your final paycheck.

Please note that our company retains the right to provide truthful employment references to any future prospective employers if requested.

Should you have any questions regarding the termination process or the specific reasons for your termination, please contact [Human Resources contact person] at [contact number/email address].


[Manager name]

[Company name]