New Managers – Onboarding Checklist

New Managers – Onboarding Checklist


The following checklist organizes new manager onboarding, whether they’re new hires or promoted employees. Combine this template with our first-day onboarding checklist and new employee training checklist to design a complete onboarding process.


How to onboard new managers

Highlight your company’s management culture by sharing:

  • Video or slide deck showcasing your values, mission, and culture
  • A fav book that echoes your mission, culture, or leadership
  • A message from your leadership that gets them acquainted with company culture

Explain monthly, quarterly, and annual goals for your management team that include company-wide, department and individual goals and make sure to cover how you keep track of progress.

Brief managers on individual team members by describing the department’s structure, and where their department fits within the entire organization. Also, mention any recent:

  • Promotions
  • Conflicts
  • Hires
  • Separations
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings with relevant coworkers

Introduce new managers to:

  • Their direct supervisor
  • Their team members
  • Other managers

Schedule training on:

  • Motivation and how to hold employees accountable
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Team management

Give an overview of your employee performance review process, including:

  • The review process you follow (e.g. 360 evaluation, 1:1 meetings)
  • Any software used
  • Performance review policies
  • Performance evaluation criteria

Highlight company policies, including:

  • Leave policies
  • Security policy
  • Remote work policy
  • Confidentiality policy

Review recognitions and rewards, like:

  • Monetary bonuses (e.g. performance, sales goals)
  • Non-monetary rewards (e.g. paid time off)
  • Ways to acknowledge success (e.g. certifications, awards)

Explain your company’s recruiting process:

  • Your hiring plan review process
  • Your internal mobility policy
  • Your recruitment policy
  • Any recruiting software you’re using

Explain the team budget, including:

  • Training
  • Resources
  • Subscriptions
  • Software and hardware
  • Team-building activities

Schedule meetings in advance between new managers and your HR department to address any questions they may have during their first 30, 60 and 90 days.