Environmental Engineer Job Description

Environmental Engineer Job Description


An Environmental Engineer job description template to hire for your Engineering department.

About the Environmental Engineer position

We are looking for an expert Environmental engineer who will join our team to develop technically sound solutions to environmental problems٫ using the principles of engineering٫ soil science٫ biology٫ and chemistry. Your duties will include ensuring compliance with environmental public policy٫ optimizing the utilization of resources and improving the quality of surrounding environment.

We expect you to be passionate about your job and to be a good problem solver with creative approach to your tasks.

Environmental Engineer responsibilities are:

  • Provide support and technical advice on environmental policies and standards to ensure regulatory applicability
  • Organize research and technical audits on environmental impact of project٫ analyze data and perform quality control checks
  • Provide system and component design that reduce negative impact on environment
  • Perform technical evaluation of corporate systems and integrate latest technologies into them
  • Create resources management schemes
  • Detect problems and develop environmental solutions to prevent damage
  • Work together with scientists٫ planners and experts
  • Supervise progress of systems and personnel and provide recommendations reports
  • Prepare and manage documentation of plans٫ requirement٫ protocols٫ permits and standard operating procedures
  • Oversee that teams and processes meet quality٫ sales٫ revenue and profitability goals

Environmental Engineer requirements are:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working on an Environmental Engineer or other relevant position
  • Significant experience with analytical٫ mechanical and compliance software٫ such as SAS٫ Autocad etc
  • Excellent knowledge of quality assurance٫ documentation٫ environmental rules٫ regulations and best practices
  • Strong project and personnel management skills
  • Good ability to think on large and small scale
  • Valid professional engineer license
  • Good practical experience with MS Office