Employer to Recruiter Email Template

Employer to Recruiter Email Template


Use this email template when working with external recruiters or recruitment agencies. You can also reach out phone first to get to know them and ask any additional screening questions you might have.


When you’re ready, use this email template to outline your requirements.

Here are the point to cover in your email:

  • Job title
  • Employment type (full-time position, contract-based, etc.)
  • Must-have requirements (geography, education, etc.)
  • Salary range (including additional bonuses if applicable)
  • Seniority level (if it’s not clear from the job title)
  • Time frame you want to close this hire in (including your preferred start date)
  • Next steps (Do you want a confirmation or do you need to hop on a call to chat details?)
  • Document with detailed job description for the full picture of what you’re looking for in a candidate

Subject line: Incoming job req from [Company_name] / New open role at [Company_name]: [job title]

Hi [partner’s name],

We’re excited to hire a new [Job title] for our [department]!

We’re looking for a professional with at least [some experience] with [X technology] who can [help us design awesome new features for our SaaS product]. This is a [full time] position and the salary range is [$Y – $Z]. I’ve attached a detailed job description you can use to advertise the job and source candidates.

Ideally, we’d like to have our new hire onboard on [date]. If we can please have a shortlist of [five] candidates by [date] that would be great. Please let me know if that sounds doable for this position.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about scope or responsibility.


[Your name]

[Your email signature]