Child Care Teacher Job Description

Child Care Teacher Job Description


A Child Care Teacher job description template to hire for your Education department.

About the Child Care Teacher position

We are looking for a Child Care Teacher who will support the proper intellectual and psychological growth of the children in our facilities. Your duties will include teaching and supervising٫ as well as motivating children to use their mental capacities and exercise their imagination.

You should be a qualified professional with great attention to children’s needs. Good ability to understand problems and to help pupils set their goals is also required.

Child Care Teacher responsibilities are:

  • Create and maintain a full schedule of activities and discover suitable teaching material
  • Organize basic care and caregiving activities
  • Balance your teaching between logical and social exercises
  • Utilize various teaching methods to enhance child’s abilities٫ including stories٫ media٫ indoor or outdoor games٫ drawing and so on
  • Monitor children’s performance to make sure they are on the right learning track
  • Interact with parents on a daily basis and update them on the progress of their children
  • Monitor children’s interactions and promote the spirit of concord
  • Detect behavioral problems and determine the right course of action
  • Work together with other colleagues٫ discussing your progress and sharing ideas
  • Ensure compliance with teaching standards and safety regulations as established by the official sources

Child Care Teacher requirements are:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working on a Child Care or Daycare Teacher position
  • Profound experience in child development and up-to-date education methods
  • Good patience٫ flexibility and love for children
  • Strong methodical and creative abilities
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Certificate in first aid and CPR
  • Degree in early childhood education