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Feature: User Level Management


  • Define and control user access to system features and employee data based on roles and responsibilities.
Key Features:
  • Forms:
    • User Level Management
    • User Level Control
    • User Employee Access
  • Access Permission Enhancements:
    • Menu List: Grant access to specific menus for each user level.
    • User Level Permission: Control which user levels can be seen and managed by other user levels.
  • Employee List Access:
    • Permission Type options: By Employee, By Department, By Company.
    • Automatic employee attachment for By Department and By Company.
  • User Level Creation:
    • HR User Levels require +Add User Level Control for Employee List access.
    • Administrator Levels have direct access to Permission Types.
How to Create a New User Level:
  1. User Level Control:
    • Create a new user level with “name” and “description”.
    • “Assign permissions” (Login, Menu List).
    • “Save”.
  2. Access Permissions:
    • Grant “menu” access (Mobile, Web, Request, Approve).
    • “Add user level control” for HR User Level (if applicable).
    • “Update”.
  3. User Employee Access:
    • Select “Permission Type” (By Employee, By Department, By Company).
    • Choose “employees” or “departments”/”companies”.
    • “Update”.

Special Tips:

  • Use User Employee Access to control employee visibility in forms.
  • Administrator Level must assign Employee List permission for all HR levels.

Common Questions:

  • Q: Will new employees be attached to Approver Groups?
  • A: Yes, for relevant Attendance Requests.
  • Q: Will Approvers see new employees in other forms?
  • A: Not unless attached in User Employee Access.
  • Q: Does Administrator Level assign Employee List permission to all HR levels?
  • A: Yes, for all HR levels to have access.



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