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Feature: Employee Setup


  • Create and maintain accurate employee profiles within the system.
  • Define essential personal, work-related, and access information.
  • Ensure accurate workforce data for attendance, payroll, and other HR functions.
Key Points:
  • Multiple Tab Menus: Organize employee information into categories for easy access and management.
  • Flexible Data Entry: Add new employees manually or import multiple profiles using Excel templates.
  • Comprehensive Information Coverage: Capture a wide range of employee details, including:
    • Personal information
    • Login credentials
    • User levels
    • Organizational structure
    • Attendance settings
    • Team
    • Approvers
    • Social security and tax registration numbers
    • Marital status and education
    • Bank information
    • Custom fields
    • Fingerprint scanner selection (if applicable)
    • Work location mapping (if applicable)
    • Household dependents (if applicable)
    • Check-in/out methods and photo capture settings
Essential Steps:
  1. Complete Organizational Master Setup: Ensure company structure is in place before adding employees.
  2. Add New Employees:
    • Manual Entry: Click “ Add New” button and enter the required information.
    • Excel Import:
      1. Download the template by clicking the “ Download Template” icon.
      2. Fill in the template with employee details.
      3. Import data:
        • Click the “ Import” icon.
        • Select the file.
        • Click “ Validate Data” and then “ Import Data.”
  3. Complete Additional Setup (if applicable):
    • Attendance settings
    • Team assignments
    • Approver assignments
    • Fingerprint information
    • Zone mapping
    • Dependent information
    • Check-in/out methods and photo capture settings
Key Points:
  • Mandatory Fields: Enroll Number, Employee Code, Name, Login Password, User Level, Date of Birth, Date of Employment
  • Default User Level: Administrator
  • Excel Format: General format (not formula-based)
  • Error Handling: Excel import prevents import and displays error codes if errors are found.
Additional Information:
  • Employee Information Form: Contains basic information for attendance functionality.
  • Select Files: Limited to profile photos and QR codes (during COVID).
  • Organization Tree: View employees by department structure.
  • Filter by Employee: Search for employees using various criteria.


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