Warm Candidates Email Template

Warm Candidates Email Template


Update candidates on the current hiring stage during your recruiting process.


Build trusting relationships with potential hires with a transparent hiring process.

Periodically touch base with candidates to let them know:

  • When you’ve received their application/assignment
  • Where you are in the review process
  • When you move into the next hiring stage
  • What, if any, delays are happening

Keep these emails brief while prompting candidates to follow up with any questions they may have.

You can customize this sample email for different hiring stages. Always make adjustments to the voice and tone to match your company culture.

Sample Nurture Email To Warm Candidates


Subject line: Update on the [Job_title] position/ What’s new with your application at [Company_name] for the [Job_title] position

Hi [Candidate_Name]

Just a quick check-in to let you know about the status of your application for the [Job_title] position.

[Hiring manager_Name/Our hiring manager] is currently reviewing all [assignments/applications] and we’re in the process of scheduling on-site interviews. You should hear from us by the end of next week. I will contact you again shortly.

Feel free to reach me via email or at [phone number with extension, if you have any questions.

All the best,

[Your name]