Store Manager Job Description

Store Manager Job Description


A Store Manager job description template to hire for your Retail department.

About the Store Manager position

We are looking for a results driven retail store manager to be responsible for the overall store management. The successful candidate will be able to enhance customer satisfaction٫ meet sales and profitability goals and manage staff effectively. Candidates will have the most success if they have a background in financial planning٫ employee recruitment٫ or retail management. Store manager responsibilities may include supervising assistant store managers.

Store Manager responsibilities are:

  • Ensuring that a high level of customer service is being offered
  • Ensuring compliance procedures are being followed
  • Reporting on goods trending٫ customer needs٫ budget and profit
  • Implementing effective strategies
  • Advising subordinates of any updates/ procedures
  • Handling severe customer issues

Store Manager requirements are:

  • Experience as a Store Manager/Retail Manager
  • Proficient at MS Office ٫ ERP and other applications
  • Good analytical skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Good negotiation skills
  • BA/BSc in Business٫ Marketing or a related field