Recruiter to Hiring Manager – Update Email Template

Recruiter to Hiring Manager – Update Email Template


Use this email template to keep your hiring manager up to speed with information about the current status of the hiring process, like the number of candidates screened, interviewed or rejected.


These emails work best in the beginning of your recruiting process before managers begin interviewing candidates. These frequent email updates help:

  • Make the hiring process transparent
  • Keep an open line of communication between recruiters and hiring managers
  • Prepare hiring managers for the interviews

These emails tell hiring managers that recruiters:

  • Number of applications received and pre-screened
  • Number of phone-screening calls scheduled
  • Number of candidates advanced to the interview phase
  • Number of candidates rejected

Keep this email brief with quick bullets of information so that hiring managers know what’s going on without spending a lot of time catching up. Rather than throw a wall of text at them, use a concise bulleted list to help them see the results you’re getting at each stage of the hiring process. You can also attach relevant files such as your interview notes, candidate resumes, test/assignment results, etc. to help give the hiring manager more context.

This email example refers to the phone-screening phase. Tweak this template for other hiring stages.

Hiring update sample email: Recruiter to hiring manager

Subject line: Quick ppdate on [Job_title] position / Status of [Job_title] position

Hi [Hiring Manager’s_name],

Here’s a quick recap on where we stand with the [Job_title] role:

  • Number of phone screening calls conducted: [e.g. 6]
  • Number of applicants we advanced to the assignment phase: [e.g. 2]
  • Number of phone screening calls scheduled for next week: [e.g. 5]
  • Deadline for assignment submission: [e.g. 6/20/2017]

Also some notes on the qualified candidates:

  • [Candidate1_name]: Doesn’t have relevant experience, but has researched our company and is genuinely interested in the role. We had a very pleasant discussion and I would like to see the assignment results.
  • [Candidate2_name]: Has two years of work experience in a similar role and knows a lot about the industry. The tone of our discussion was formal.

I’ve also created a more detailed review for you (see attachment) [attach file to email.]

Please let me know if you have any questions. We can schedule a quick [e.g. call or meeting] to follow up.

Thank you,