Recruit Bilingual Candidates Email Template

Recruit Bilingual Candidates Email Template


Use this cold email template to save time and craft the right message to attract bilingual candidates for an open position.


Companies hire bilingual employees to:

  • Foster diversity in the workplace
  • Communicate with clients and partners who prefer a different language
  • Produce written material (e.g. manuals or web content) for global use

An effective recruiting email to bilingual candidates should:

  • Explain how you found them and why you contacted them
  • Briefly describe the open role
  • Include benefits that come with the position (e.g. training, college tuition assistance, travel reimbursement)

Also provide relevant information (e.g. your name, company and contact information) and a clear call to action. And if this is an EU candidate, make sure to include a link to your privacy notice as the GDPR requires.

Sample email to recruit bilingual candidates

Subject line: [Company_name] is hiring a [job_title] / Interested in joining our team at [Company_name]?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I found your profile on [add specific website or social network] / I got your resume through [e.g. community or college], and I was impressed with [include a specific achievement that grabbed your attention.]

My name is [your_name],  the [your job_title] at [Company_name]. We are always on the look out for someone with your skillset, and we have an opening for a [job_title – add link to the job description.] We are looking for someone to [e.g. act as our company representative for our global clients / create engaging online content to attract global clients / support our international customer base.]

Your language skills along with your [specific skill that stands out] would be great assets to our team. [Mention benefits and perks that you offer, e.g. “Our benefits package includes…”]

I’d love to connect to tell you a little more about this position, and also learn about your career goals.

Are you available [include date and time or a period of time, e.g. “sometime this week”]? If so, I’d be happy to set up a call.

Chat soon,

[Your name]