Public Relations Executive Job Description

Public Relations Executive Job Description


A Public Relations Executive job description template to hire for your Public Relations department.

About the Public Relations Executive position

We are looking for an enthusiastic Public Relations (PR) Executive to manage the relationships between a company and external parties. You will be the one to project the “face” of the company and will be instrumental in enhancing its popularity and trustworthiness.

An excellent PR Executive is٫ above all٫ an exceptional communicator. They possess creativity and knowledge of different tactics to identify and engage the appropriate target audience.

The goal is to build a strong communications network around the company that will ensure good relationship with the general public and rising awareness of the company and its brand.

Public Relations Executive responsibilities are:

  • Handling PR issues
  • Participating in campaigns
  • Updating promotional publications
  • Distributing releases
  • Managing PR events
  • Assessing PR performance and making reports

Public Relations Executive requirements are:

  • Experience as a  Public Relations Executive
  • Experience in organizing
  • Effective communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Computer savvy and familiar with social networking
  • BA/BSc in Public Relations٫  Marketing٫ Communications or a related field