Production Planner Job Description

Production Planner Job Description


A Production Planner job description template to hire for your Production department.

About the Production Planner position

We are looking for a Production Planner who will organize our production processes according to demand and quality standards. Your duties will include ensuring the smooth and cost-efficient flow of our production operations and organizing the efficient distribution of goods and materials.

You should be organized٫ well-versed in production procedures and ways to optimize them and have a results-driven approach together with great problem-solving skills. Advanced communication and computer skills are also required.

Production Planner responsibilities are:

  • Plan and organize production workflow for one or multiple products
  • Review and prioritize operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay
  • Estimate project needs of manpower٫ equipment and raw materials
  • Set goals٫ tasks and priorities for workers and other staff
  • Set shifts according to production needs
  • Supervise production activities to ensure they will finish on time and within budget
  • Detect and resolve issues when they arise
  • Collect output information٫ including number of finished products٫ percentage of defectives and so on
  • Create status and performance reports and present them to managers
  • Manage the project paperwork
  • Work together with quality control٫ warehouse and other staff

Production Planner requirements are:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working on a Production Planner or other similar position
  • Significant experience with production planning and quality control activities
  • Significant experience in manufacturing resource planning
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and ERP systems
  • Strong math and statistics skills
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication abilities
  • High school diploma; additional degree or certification will be a bonus