New Employee Reference Request

New Employee Reference Request


Use this customizable template to get real-life guidance on your potential candidate.


If you’ve got this far, it means you’ve aced your hiring process so far – congrats!

Once you’ve got a list of referees, give them each a heads-up email before connecting with them via phone. That way, they’ll have a chance to prepare and you’ll get some solid answers from them.

Remember, once you get them on the phone, ask a few targeted questions to really drill down on past work and behavior.

Employee Reference Request Template: 

Subject line: Could you provide a reference for [Candidate_name]?

Hi [Name],

My name is [your name] and I work for [your company name]. We’re currently hiring for a [job title] and [Candidate_name] has made the final cut.

Before we officially bring them on board, I want to make sure we’ve chosen the right candidate. [Candidate_name] has suggested you as someone who could give me some more info. Could tell me a bit about your overall experience working with [Candidate_name] and whether you’d be happy to recommend [him/her]?

I’d love to catch up [today/tomorrow]. Are you available for a call?

This is the number I have for you: [+00100000000].

Of course, our communication is confidential.

Huge thanks in advance,

[Your name]

[Email signature]