Management Accountant Job Description

Management Accountant Job Description


A Management Accountant job description template to hire for your accounting department.

About the Management Accountant position

We are looking for a skilled Management Accountant who will contribute to analyzing key financial data and making critical business decisions based on the analysis results. You will help to ensure business growth and company’s long-term success. Your duties will also include overseeing accounting procedures and preparing forecasts٫ budget reports٫ and risk analysis.

A successful candidate must be good in mathematics and at the same time have a business-oriented thinking. We also expect you to be responsible٫ proactive and able to work both as a strategist and a decision maker.

Management Accountant responsibilities are:

  • Manage company’s accounting procedures and report to senior management on the results
  • Participate in company’s investment portfolio management
  • Support company’s budgeting and funding activities
  • Retrieve٫ analyze and store corporate financial information
  • Analyze company’s performance with the help of collected data
  • Prepare forecasts to help optimize business planning and decision-making
  • Research and analyze risks
  • Prepare advice to minimize risks
  • Investigate problems and develop countermeasures
  • Supervise accounting personnel

Management Accountant requirements are:

  • 3+ years’ experience of working on a Management Accountant٫ Accounting Supervisor٫ or similar position
  • Profound experience in risk analysis٫ budgeting٫ and financial forecasting areas
  • Excellent knowledge of basic and advanced accounting and financial rules and practices
  • Practical experience with financial software and MS Office
  • Strong analytical٫ mathematical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Good organizational and leadership skills
  • BSc or BA degree in accounting٫ finance or another similar area; certification such as CMA or CGMA will be a bonus