Internal Promotion Offer Email Template

Internal Promotion Offer Email Template


A member of HR can then send an email to make the promotion official and attach the updated employment contract.


Before you announce a promotion internally, make sure you’ve formally discussed it with the employee and came to a verbal agreement. Always give the employee and their manager the chance to ensure the promotion aligns with the employee’s long-term career goals.

After that, it’s time to celebrate! 💃

Get the employee excited about their new role by keeping the email brief, friendly and positive.

Sample email internal promotion offer

Subject line: Congrats on your new role! Contract inside.

Hi [Employee’s name],

We’re excited to officially promote you to the role of [Senior Marketing Manager / Team Leader] as of [date].

Attached you’ll find your updated contract covering your new employment terms along with your compensation package and benefits. Please sign and return by [date]. Of course, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

We appreciate your hard work and commitment! We look forward to seeing you achieve great things in your new role.


[Your name]

[Your email signature]