Construction Foreman Job Description

Construction Foreman Job Description


A Construction Foreman job description template to hire for your Construction department.

About the Construction Foreman position

We are looking for a Construction Foreman help us organize operations and workers’ performance at our construction sites. You will be a key person for leading the staff towards the completion of a project٫ supporting them and assisting to interact with the senior management.

You should have a solid background in the field and possess leadership skills٫ being able to direct the work of others and make quick decisions. We also expect you to be well-organized and to favor safety above everything else.

Construction Foreman responsibilities are:

  • Organize the fulfillment of tasks according to priorities and plans
  • Create schedules and monitor attendance of crew
  • Assign general and daily responsibilities
  • Train workers and tradespeople and monitor their performance
  • Manage manpower and resources٫ ensuring they are adequate
  • Adhere to all safety requirements and quality standards
  • Monitor the use of machinery and equipment
  • Review and analyze expenditures on a regular basis٫ ensuring they remain within budget
  • Troubleshoot problems when they arise
  • Prepare reports on progress to managers٫ engineers and other stakeholders

Construction Foreman requirements are:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working on a Construction Foreman or other similar position
  • Significant experience with construction procedures٫ equipment and OSH guidelines
  • Significant experience with electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Excellent understanding of how to read and implement drawings٫ plans and blueprints
  • Strong communication٫ organizational and leadership skills
  • Strong math and problem-solving skills with an ability to report effectively
  • Good physical condition and stamina
  • High school diploma or diploma in a skilled trade٫ such as electrician٫ carpenter or other