Billing Coordinator Job Description

Billing Coordinator Job Description


A Billing Coordinator job description template to hire for your Accounting department.

About the Billing Coordinator position

We are looking for a reliable Billing Coordinator to ensure consistency and correctness of company’s tracks and collects debts. You will help us make sure we charge our clients appropriately and receive payments on time.

We expect you to have in-depth knowledge of billing procedures and close attention to detail. It is important to have good analytical abilities as well as high communication skills.

Billing Coordinator responsibilities are:

  • Collect and process information on prices٫ discounts٫ shipping rates and so on
  • Prepare invoices and send them electronically or by mail
  • Work together with finance and sales departments to maintain accounts receivable
  • Verify that customers are billed correctly
  • Reach out to customers to support or answer questions
  • Help to mitigate disagreements with company’s creditors
  • Interact with clients to request payment of pending debts
  • Negotiate payment procedures when needed
  • Monitor and record data on customer information٫ payments٫ debts and so on
  • Create and submit statements

Billing Coordinator requirements are:

  • 3+ years’ experience of working on a Billing Coordinator or other similar position
  • In-depth understanding of relevant legal regulations and best practices
  • Good practical experience with MS office and data entry operations
  • Good knowledge of ERP software
  • Good mathematical and financial data management skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational and tasks management
  • Reliability٫ confidentiality and close attention to detail
  • BSc or BA degree in accounting or another relevant area