Assembler Job Description

Assembler Job Description


An Assembler job description template to hire for your Production department.

About the Assembler position

We are looking for an experienced Assembler who will produce complex outputs by putting together smaller components. Your duties will include ensuring all parts fit correctly and are suitable for the final product٫ using your hands or machines to do the job with greater precision.

We expect you to possess good technical knowledge together with great manual dexterity. You should also be able to read instructions represented in manuals٫ drawings and schematics etc. and follow them with precision is extremely important.

Assembler responsibilities are:

  • Understand and follow instructions and established procedures
  • Gather all material and equipment needed to begin the process
  • Perform precision measurements to ensure perfect fit of components
  • Prepare components according to measurements and specifications
  • Organize and put together all material and parts to build more complex units
  • Verify output to ensure highest quality
  • Monitor the assembled equipment and verify it is in good condition
  • Manage records of production quantities and time
  • Prepare reports on issues٫ malfunction or defective parts and submit to your supervisors

Assembler requirements are:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working on an Assembler position
  • Significant experience with technical tools (such as clamps) and machines (such as presses)
  • Significant experience of reading and implementing blueprints٫ drawings etc.
  • Strong technical knowledge with good understanding of quality control principles
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination and physical condition
  • Strong communication skills
  • High school diploma; additional degree from a technical school will be a bonus