Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Clerk


Ready to find the perfect Accounts Payable Clerk to join your accounting department? These questions will help you find the best candidate for the job.

Accounts Payable Clerk qualifications to look for

Accounts Payable Clerks are the gatekeepers who compile and maintain accounts payable records.

This role often requires a BS degree or experience in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration. Plus, they need to know their way around proprietary software and spreadsheets.

Years of experience may not be the most important measure when looking for someone with a particular skill set.

Keep an eye out for candidates who have:

  • Experience with the specific type of skills you are looking for
  • Industry knowledge
  • A deep understanding of the role

For most companies, this isn’t an entry-level role and hands-on experience far outweighs theoretical experience.

Top tip: Hire candidates willing to grow by making sure their personal career goals align with your company’s mission.

Problem-solving interview questions

  • What attracted you to our company’s accounts payable department?
  • What training or experience do you have for this particular role?
  • What accounting software have you used?
  • What is your accounts payable process? Can you give a detailed walkthrough?
  • How does accounts payable differ from bills payable?
  • What is your workflow process?
  • How do debit and credit differ from a bank standpoint versus a customer’s point of view?
  • How do you ensure accuracy when it comes to data entry?
  • How have you resolved an invoice discrepancy?
  • What types of documents do you need for invoice verification?
  • What’s your process for making a payment?
  • A vendor has a debit balance. What do you do?
  • How have you handled negotiating vendor terms?
  • Have you ever suggested a way to lower costs, increase revenue, or improve efficiency? If so, tell me about it.