Accounting Manager Job Description

Accounting Manager Job Description


An Accounting Manager job description template to hire for your Accounting department.

About the Accounting Manager position

We are looking for a skilled Accounting Manager to join our team and help us with supervising٫ tracking and evaluation of company daily activities. Your duties will include maintaining company’s financial status by creating and implementing collection٫ analytics٫ verification and reporting practices. We also expect you to collaborate with company’s financial department.

Accounting Manager responsibilities are:

  • Organize the whole set of daily activities of the accounting department٫ such as accounts payable/receivable٫ cash receipts٫ fixed asset activity٫ month-end and year-end procedures٫ trust account statement reconciliations٫ treasury٫ budgeting٫ payroll٫ etc.
  • Develop and maintain optimized accounting practices
  • Collect and analyze accounting data and prepare financial reports based on the analysis results
  • Review existing systems and procedures and develop optimization suggestions
  • Manage accounting personnel and ensure you meet financial accounting objectives
  • Organize and review annual audits
  • Create and maintain fiscal documentation

Accounting Manager requirements are:

  • 3+ years’ experience of working on an Accounting Manager٫ Accounting Supervisor or Finance Manager position
  • Solid experience with bookkeeping and accounting practices٫
  • Excellent knowledge of applicable standards and legal regulations
  • Good understanding of MS Office٫ accounting software and databases
  • Experience of processing large amounts of data
  • Strong team management skills٫ accuracy and close attention to detail
  • BS degree in Accounting or Finance