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Ks100 1emp/month

  • Attendance Data Synchronization
  • Manage User
  • Manage Device
  • View TimeIn/Out Only

GlobalTA Cloud

Ks350 1emp/month

  • GlobalDDMS
  • Employee Portal
  • Employee Information
  • Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Attendance/Leave/OT Request
  • Management Reports
  • Mobile App

GlobalTA Cloud Pro

Ks450 1emp/month

  • GlobalDDMS
  • GlobalTA
  • TimeIn/Out by GPS, MAP, Photo

Pricing Plans
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mmk100emp /month

mmk100 /month

If you wish to purchase on-premise because you have more than 500 employees, pls contact to sales.tacloud@globalwave.com.mm.
We will provide you for on-premise purchase.